The Invacare Dolomite Jazz 2 is a stylish and functional rollator for every user. It is a lightweight rollator designed to offer excellent support and stability, during indoor and outdoor walks. This new elegant rollator includes numerous smart features that make it the ideal walking companion. Jazz is the latest member of the Dolomite family; it combines style with function with an ergonomic design that allows a natural walking position inside the rollator. If you desire a rollator with high functionality and stylish design, Dolomite Jazz is an excellent choice!

The Invacare Dolomite Jazz 2 is simply a smart rollator with an innovative side folding frame. The easy to operate design provides extra walking space and can be stored upright once folded. Its push handles, which feature anatomic design to reduce pressure reduction are height adjustable with clear positioning marks. The memory function allows them to be lowered during transporting, and also easy to put back into the preset position without any adjustment.

The stylish design is another notable feature of this rollator. Dolomite Jazz 2 is a fresh and modern looking rollator, which integrates easily into day-to-day activities. The braking cables are fully integrated into the frame providing a clean look and also prevent from catching on objects found outside or in the home. Below are some key features of the Invacare Dolomite Jazz 2:

  • Back strap: The back strap provides a comfortable and safe support to lean against while sitting. It is available with or without extra padding.
  • Basket and padded seat: It has an easily removable basket that can be used as a shopping bag – a rigid soft padded seat for great comfort and safety.
  • Tray: It features a removable tray for safe transporting of items.
  • Kerb climber: This is an integrated aid to overcome kerbs. It can be positioned left or right.
  • Big basket: Provides extra storing space and can be closed off. It’s available in grey or red.
  • Cane holder: Allows for safe transporting of a cane or a crutch and makes it easily accessible.