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Throughout Europe, clinicians, healthcare services and manufacturers are innovating with new products, clinical practices, and services. The disabled community will benefit further if these best practices are communicated across all countries.

The aim of Invacare, as both a European and worldwide Company, is to ensure that users, clinicians and customers receive the best selection of products, services and training.

Invacare traces its roots back to 1885 when the Worthington Company began producing a line of vehicles for people with physical disabilities. Through the years, the Company has grown and expanded dramatically. The history of Invacare, as it is known today, began in the late 1970s. At that time, Technicare, a Cleveland-based medical-device manufacturer, was purchased by Johnson & Johnson. They decided to sell the wheelchair division known as Invacare.
A. Malachi Mixon III, who worked as a vice president of marketing at Technicare, organised a small group of investors, including J.B. Richey, to raise the $7.8 million needed for the purchase.

Through the years listening to its customers, Invacare has grown and expanded to become the preferred supplier in healthcare both in terms of customer support and innovation.

Today Invacare is a modern, global, market-leading business with a rich and fascinating history; one that dates back to 1885. We are the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles. Worldwide we employ over 5,000 people and market our products in 100 countries around the world. Within EMEA, Invacare directly operate in all European countries and via a distributor network in the Eastern European, Middle Eastern and African regions.

Innovative Products

Broader, defined ranges

Invacare has the most comprehensive homecare product range in Europe, covering virtually all product requirements.

The range will continue to expand to meet customer needs. European Product Innovation Teams are ensuring that there is increasing coverage of clients' personal and functional needs in each sector.

Clearly positioned products will simplify the selection and assessment process, ensuring product features, options and prices are relevant to the individuals' clinical and lifestyle requirements.     

Best clinical design

Our clinical design, engineering and manufacturing teams have been combined into Product Innovation Teams, each specializing in a product area. These teams listen to clinical practitioners, and design to their requirements, integrating the latest worldwide technologies. With products designed to meet European best practices, we can concentrate design and investment into each individual product, maximising performance, functionality, reliability and endurance, with features designed to increase patient freedom and reduce service costs.

Easier assessment and servicing

Our customers are working in a demanding environment, with an emphasis on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, and with an increasing number of geriatric customers. There is increased demand for practitioner assessments in the field, requiring products that are easier to adjust, with fewer tools. Products need to be more reliable, longer lasting, and be "easy to clean", suitable for cleaning and recycling processes. Better spare parts services are also required, not only in parts information and supply, but in the standardisation of parts across ranges (Invacare Cross-Compatibility program), and the reduction of the number of wearing parts in new products.

Cross compatibility

For dealers, the benefit of the broad family of Invacare® products is an ability to match the many and varied user needs to the perfect Invacare® product.One of the unique features of the Invacare® offering is a high level of cross-compatibility across product families. This interchangeability increases customer convenience and decreases overall costs.

To support dealers in their understanding of the Invacare® portfolio and to strengthen the Invacare® range, the Company is striving to increase the simplicity of its offering by expanding cross-compatibility across the entire wheelchair collection.

Optimising business for dealers

Using shared components and options significantly reduces the complexity of handling, prescribing and modifying products. For Invacare dealers, business is made more efficient in terms of:

· Commonality across options
· Spare parts handling
· Administration
· Servicing products
· Staff training
· Matching products to user needs
· Purchasing, thanks to a ‘one stop shop’ system
· Ecology: durable products bring environmental benefits
. Stock reduction

Invacare understands that efficiency is a key factor when dealing with an ageing population and a growing need for mobility. As medical reimbursements come under increasing pressure, Invacare strives to offer dealers a comprehensive range of products, from the basic Low Active wheelchair models to high-end Power wheelchairs. This enables dealers to not only best serve their wide spectrum of customers, but also allows greater operational cost efficiencies.

Vision & Values

Since 1885, Invacare has helped people with disabilities live life. Today, Invacare is the global leader in home and long-term care medical products.

Invacare Corporation, headquartered in Elyria, Ohio, is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles. Invacare employs approximately 4,600 associates (as of January 24, 2017) and markets its products in 100 countries around the world. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IVC.

Invacare in Europe: Invacare companies are present in 14 European countries and Invacare EMEA headquarters are based in Witterswil in Switzerland.

Worldwide Vision

The Invacare vision is to design, manufacture and deliver the best value in medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles for people requiring home and other non-acute health care.   

EMEA Vision

Invacare provides healthcare solutions that make life's experiences possible. 

With Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, Excellence and Accountability, Invacare associates rise to the challenge every day to make life’s experiences possible for the people who use our products. These core values help to establish Invacare as a leader in the industries we serve. 

Invacare is INTEGRITY
We conduct our business in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible way.

Invacare is INNOVATION
We promote a culture to seek out new opportunities for success. We are passionate to make things better every day.

Invacare is LEADERSHIP
We always strive to set the highest standards for our industry. 

Invacare is EXCELLENCE
We are committed to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.

We are each responsible for our commitments, quality and results. We are empowered and expected to make the right decisions with a sense of urgency, decisiveness and compassion.

The Invacare Tagline

"Yes, you can.®" conveys the promise of the Invacare brand to support consumers, providers, healthcare professionals and associates in accomplishing what is important to them.