Standard mattresses

Standard single mattresses for home and community care

Having a comfortable mattress is vital for quality of life for everyone, regardless of their physical condition. But for seniors and people with limited mobility, the comfort of the bed is even more essential. This is why we offer a range of standard single mattresses and overlays that provide care and support during prolonged bed use. 

Invacare Essential Basic Mattress

The Invacare Essential Basic mattress is a cost-effective solution that is an entry level mattress ideal for those who do not require therapy for pressure ulcer prevention. The...

Invacare Essential Plus Mattress

The Essential Plus is a more powerful and improved version of mattresses. Like all Invacare mattresses, it has a pressure distribution technology which facilitates patient’s...

Invacare Essential Care Mattress

The Essential Care mattress is the ideal solution for patient comfort. This mattress developed by Invacare has a unique quality of its kind that only shares with the other...

Invacare Essential Visco Mattress

When it comes to comfort among all the mattresses of the Invacare family, Essential Visco is by far the most fulfilling for all expectations. This mattress was created to offer...

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