Electric Beds for Quality Rest

Sleep and rest serve important restorative functions and are, therefore, vital to people of all ages. One of the most important factors contributing to quality sleep and rest is the comfort of the resting area. To facilitate healthy sleep and rest, Invacare offers a range of electrical beds that provide optimal comfort to the user.

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Our range of electric beds offer sleeping solutions for both residential and hospital use and cater to users of different needs and ages. The available choice between several options and a variety of accessories means that users can pick the bed that best suits their requirements, providing the most comfortable and convenient experience.

Functional Hospital-Style Beds with Great Design

Invacare’s electric beds allow a variety of adjustments which let users find the most comfortable posture and also to raise or lower the bed to facilitate easy transfer in and out. Our patented Auto Contour™ system cares for the user’s comfort by offering highly-adjustable posture coordination, thereby improving rest and protecting from pressure ulcers. The ErgoMove function brings users from a lying to an active sitting position with a smooth movement, while the Up-and-Out feature provides for a smooth and safe transfer in and out of bed.

In addition to the great functionality of these devices we, at Invacare, also put the focus on making aesthetically pleasing products. Keeping the performance of hospital-style beds, but wishing to bring a home feel, we offer models that are available in a variety of finishes. We also take into consideration the variety of body shapes and sizes. To accommodate for larger users, our range of electric beds includes a 120 cm model that can support up to 350 kg.