Rollators Dolomite - Walking Aids

Rollators Dolomite - Walking Aids

Rollators are wheeled walking aids designed to assist the elderly, injured and mobility impaired with walking. Our innovative rollators are designed to offer excellent support and stability, both during indoor and outdoor walks. 

Invacare Maxi Plus Rollator

Dolomite Maxi+ is your ideal rollator if you’re looking for a rollator with high weight capacity and a large frame. It has a reinforced frame with a maximum user weight capacity of...

Invacare Jazz2 Rollator

The Invacare Dolomite Jazz 2 is a stylish and functional rollator for every user. It is a lightweight rollator designed to offer excellent support and stability, during indoor and...

Invacare Legacy Rollator

Dolomite Legacy by Invacare is designed with excellent features to meet a wide range of user needs. It is simply a reliable and good quality rollator for every user, designed to...

Dolomite Gloss Rollator

Designed to support users while out and about, the Invacare Dolomite Gloss is the ideal rollator to empower independence. Stable and robust, the rollator contains all the core...

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A rollator will assist in allowing older persons walk further and longer, many of our models also have a seat for resting when the user becomes fatigued

When choosing between alternative models, the following considerations should be taken; wheel size, seat height, device weight and weight capacity. All this information can be found in the technical section of each model.

An Invacare rollator walking aid can dramatically increase independence for users. Should you require any further information or would like to purchase one of our rollators, please do not hesitate to contact us!