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21 March 2017

Battery Care for Electric Wheelchairs

When asked what is a top priority for a user selecting a powerchair, most will undoubtedly say ‘reliability and performance’. These are two key features that will make the difference in a user’s day to day lives and both aspects rely on a very...

21 March 2017

New Invacare Spectra XTR3 delivers more

Invacare’s Spectra XTR2 has just stepped up a level, offering more choice and more style with the all new Invacare Spectra XTR3, with personalisation as the key.

Now offering more choice, customers can select from 42 colourful aesthetic combinations...

23 November 2016

NEW Action 3 Junior

Invacare® updates the renowned Action®3 Junior®

Invacare is pleased to announce it has made some changes to its lightweight, foldable wheelchair, designed specifically for children through to teenagers, by bringing fresh new colours and designs to...

29 September 2016

The Big Challenge?

Despite investments and advances in prevention and wound management, occurrences of pressure ulcers are on the raise. Sadly this has also resulted in the raise of deaths directly related to pressure sores. We have asked an open ended question in the...

20 September 2016

Invacare Ireland Facebook

Invacare Ireland have just launched their own Facebook page. This page dedicated to Irish customers will host local and relevant content. It is intended to be a platform for conversation and information sharing. We endeavour to keep it entertaining...

18 August 2016

Oxygen Therapy News

Invacare Ireland have been promoting the HomeFill system as an affordable alternative to delivery of oxygen to homes throughout Ireland. A study has recently been carried out by the clinical publication Breathe where they recognise the significant...

12 October 2015

New Invacare Action5

Affordable and with very good drive performance, the Action5 has been hailed as the perfect fit for the more active user’s lifestyle as it offers a range of cutting edge features with a lightweight construction that means complete ease when it comes...