New Elan Wheelchair Headrest


New Elan Wheelchair Headrest

Introducing the latest edition to the Invacare Wheelchair Seating and Positioning range.

We are delighted to finally announce the launch of Invacare’s new headrest range.  The Invacare Matrx Elan wheelchair headrest takes our seating range to the next level with its compact,
lightweight and adjustable design. The headrest offers both superb support and comfort to the wheelchair user. The Elan headrest is available in a range of sizes suitable for paediatric though to adult users.
There is also a variety headrest pads available which in conjunction with the highly adjustable hardware, can accommodate various positioning challenges.   

The addition of the Elan wheelchair headrest completes Invacare’s seating range. We can now provide an all-inclusive rehabilitation solution from cushion, back support, belt/harness and headrest.

Contact your local Product Specialist today to arrange a seating and take the first steps to improved posture, positioning and functionality.

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