Take the pressure off with the NEW Alber E-Motion M25


Take the pressure off with the NEW Alber E-Motion M25

The latest addition to the ever so popular Alber range is the E-motion M25 power wheels. A new & improved version of the M15, the E-motion is a lightweight, compact and powerful add on designed to suit almost any wheelchair! The manual wheelchairs wheel is replaced with the E-motion and the battery pack is integrated in the wheel hub. The power wheel is now available in 3 sizes, 22”, 24” & 26” accommodating a wider range of individuals. Each wheel weighs in at only 7.8 kg, making the e-motion one of the lightest add-on drives on the market.

The drive unit can be individually adapted to the needs and driving behavior of any wheelchair driver. With many added benefits, such as the modern lithium ion battery, the drive unit can increase the users range and remain active, while going easy on the muscles and joints. As a result, propelling a manual wheelchair becomes much easier.

Designed to have a discrete system, the powerful E-motion can tackle slopes and heavier weights of up to 150kg and can reach a top speed of 8.5km/h*.

Keep fit with the E-motion M25

It’s important to maintain your physical fitness as long as possible and this can be done by using a manual wheelchair instead of an electric wheelchair. The E-motion helps users expand their mobility and trains their vitality. At the same time, the pressure on the muscles and joints is minimized, thereby protecting them from premature wear.

E-Motion Mobility App

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives and with thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, the e-motion M25 can connect to almost any IOS or Android smartphone. It offers a range of extra features that help you get more added benefits.



The Mobility App is free to download and is available from the App Store and Play Store.

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*Only available with Mobility Plus Package.