NEW Alber Emotion M25

Alber Emotion M25 – Experience WOW!
Designed to provide a simple solution and power assistance for your everyday life. Attach the E-Motion drive wheels with almost any wheelchair using two discrete adapters. Sensors built into the push-rims allow you to measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired motor power. 

Key benefits: 

Now only 7.8 kg per wheel – Making it one of the lightest active add-on drives on the market!
Available in three-wheel sizes – 22”, 24” & now also 26”
Heavier occupant weight – Now up to 150 kg
Increased speed – Up to 8.5 km/h with Mobility Plus Package
Rollback delay and consistent speed with cruise mode

Live life your way and experience freedom with the NEW Alber E-motion M25

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