Invacare MyLiNX App - Plan your day with confidence


Invacare MyLiNX App - Plan your day with confidence

Invacare leads the way in innovation with ground-breaking app!

Connect and Go

Following the success of the LiNX ‘Simply smart power control’ Invacare have produced a game changing app that easily allows you to monitor your wheelchair performance with the touch of a button!

Connecting through wireless Bluetooth technology, the LiNX control unit will send data directly from your powerchair to your smartphone or iOS device, providing you with clarity and insight into diagnostics which users previously had no access to. This will help improve performance, and prolong the life of the product. A fantastic new app designed to give you peace of mind when out and about.

Key features include:

  • Allows for intuitive operation and the ability to monitor a power chair and connect via Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Enhanced diagnostic features records chairs performance
  • Displays clear and relevant data on battery charge, fault information and drive time.
  • Offers Tips and hints on your wheelchair
  • Offers on demand support and assistance

The MyLiNX App is FREE to download from the Apple Store and Google Play. It is available on both android and iOS devices. Please note the app is compatible with all LiNX enabled Invacare powerchairs. For more information about the Linx power control, read our article here.

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Ricardo Perez Font, VP Marketing EMEA at Invacare spoke about the launch of the MyLiNX app:

"We believe that people should be very excited about the new MyLiNX App, as it is the first step in truly connecting people with their powerchair. It will give users clear, accessible information about their chair's health and the integrated support functions will ensure that they not only have increased confidence, but also have access to easier support. We expect many of our competitors to follow us, but Invacare has a continuing commitment to innovation and excellence”