Wall-mounted shower seats

Wall-mounted shower seats

Comfortable and space-saving folding shower seats for showering.

Futura R8802 Shower Seat

The Invacare Futura R8802 is a wall-mounted showers seat with folding functions. It is made of ABS plastic, and its counter plate is made of aluminum – this makes it corrosion-free...

Futura R8803 Shower Seat

Futura R8803 is an innovative wall seat with a backrest and other excellent features that guarantee comfort for the user. It is made of ABS plastic, and its counter plate is made...

Aquatec Sansibar Shower Seat

The Invacare Aquatec Sansibar shower seat features an innovative design aimed at satisfying users’ needs. Aquatec Sansibar is space-saving – it is designed to be mounted on the...

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