Aquatec Trans Transfer Aid

Aquatec Trans is another functional transfer seat designed by Invacare. Like Aquatec Disk, Aquatec Trans bath aid is specially designed to support the patient by turning and sliding smoothly when entering the bath. It is compatible with the Aquatec range of bath lifters and offers a large comfortable seat surface.

Disco de transferência Aquatec Trans
Disco de transferência Aquatec Trans
Disco de transferência Aquatec Trans

The Aquatec Trans comes with a textured seating surface that can be used without a protective cover (based on the user’s desire). The side flaps are joined flush to the main seating surface and enable comfortable and safe side transfers, without trapping the skin.

The Aquatec Trans has been designed with the user in mind, giving a comfortable and simple bathing experience. The reinforced scissor mechanism on the Aquatec Trans combines safe lifting with a compact design while the minimum seat height allows ample room for a deeper and more comfortable bath.

key features include:

  • Large comfortable seat surface that can turn easily.
  • Safety: The Invacare Aquatec Trans is designed with safety in mind – turntable is only unlocked by the weight of the user.
  • Compatibility: Aquatec Trans is designed to be compatible with the Aquatec Trans of bath lifters
  • Innovative Cover: Aquatec Trans comes with a creative cover – soft, skin-friendly, easy-care, and wipes clean.
  • Easy-care, wipe clean cover.
  • 3-year warranty