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The Aquatec 90 is built with excellent features aimed at meeting individual’s needs. It is equipped with an exceptional load capacity that guarantees optimal functionality. Not only does the exceptional load capacity signify the high-quality performance of the Aquatec 90, but other features such as the film-hinged lid also provide users with limited mobility – a durable and reliable toilet raiser for hassle-free all-day use.

Aquatec 90 is also built to allow easy and secure fixation. It comes with two side clamps, equipped with large turning knobs, making the Aquatec 90 to attach easily on all standard toilets. More so, Aquatec 90 is available with or without the lid. The lid is also available as an accessory for increased variability.

Seating solidly is also guaranteed with the Aquatec 90. The six anti-slip pads on the bottom provide a sturdy seating feeling. Aquatec 90 users can also benefit from the large hygiene recess integrated into it. The large front recess eases personal hygiene, thus making it the users’ choice. Ease of cleaning is another unique feature of the Invacare Aquatec 90. The lid is attached with film-hinge, making it quite easy to detach for cleaning purposes. Below are some key features of the Invacare Aquatec 90:

  • Improved cleaning: Aquatec 90 lid is attached with film-hinges – easy detachable for cleaning purposes.
  • Seating solidly: It has six anti-slip pads on the bottom that provide sturdy seating feeling.
  • Large hygiene recess: Built with hygiene in mind, the Invacare Aquatec 90 comes with a large hygiene recess that eases personal hygiene.
  • Load capacity: It is equipped with an exceptional load capacity for optimal functionality.
  • Easy and secure fixation: The Invacare Aquatec 9 is equipped with two side clamps that have large turning knobs, making the Aquatec 90 easy to attach on all common toilets.
  • Durability: Aquatec 9 is built with high-quality materials to last longer.