Shower chairs to push

Shower chairs to push

Invacare’s shower chairs bring safety and comfort for users and their carers

Invacare have a range of shower chairs suitable for the needs of individuals and care centers. The Ocean Ergo shower chair range has a number of models suitable for different levels of disability and caring needs.

Aquatec Ocean E-VIP Shower Chair

Aquatec Ocean e-Vip is specially designed to provide care for the caretaker. Lifting people in and out of chairs and looking after the personal hygiene of disabled people might...

Aquatec Ocean Ergo Shower Chair

The Invacare Ocean Ergo is built to enhance independence, safety, and flexibility. It is packed with a range of new features to make personal care activities easier for both the...


Aquatec Ocean Ergo VIP Family Shower Chair

Aquatec Ocean Ergo Vip provides unmatchable independence, safety, and flexibility for its users. Users and carers can benefit from the Invacare Ocean Ergo Vip as it is packed with...

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With self-propel, transit and tilt in space options the Ocean Ergo shower chair is designed with both the carer and user in mind. Adaptable and modular design allows for multi-use in elderly care centres, nursing homes or disability services.


Our shower chairs are essential daily living aids, providing mobility in the bathroom for independent and assisted living. For more information on our shower chair range please do not hesitate to contact us!