Oxygen Concentrators 5L

Oxygen Concentrators 5L

Invacare® respiratory products are winning industry awards for breakthrough designs that improve quality of life for both patients and providers. Efficient non-delivery products for every lifestyle! Invacare provides both stationary and ambulatory solutions. The Invacare® respiratory range includes oxygen (concentrator and compressor with accessories), aerosol (compressor) and sleep therapy products.

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We offer a range of intuitive controls for our power wheelchairs. These control systems allow individuals to drive their mobility aids with minimal effort. They are highly adaptable to a wide range of user needs, and the available add-ons make these systems useful even for those who cannot use hands to operate the controls.


Power chair joysticks for an intuitive journey

The LiNX‌ control system features insight-based controls for intuitive navigation and ultimate control of the operated mobility aid. The system features a touch screen remote and an assortment of alternative control options. Operating menus are easy to navigate and offer a range of adjustability to the indivduals needs and preferences. 

The modular DX2 Expandable Control System is highly configurable and in its simplest configuration allows for controlling the power wheelchair with just two DX2 modules. The system can control all functions of the mobility aid—from driving to adjusting the seat. The DX2 is highly cross-compatible with other modules from this family and can be further customised with an assortment of add-ons and options. 

Our range of controls are available as add-ons, including a low-force joy low-force joystick, head controls and different mounting kits suitable for a variety of users.