The Invacare Softform Bariatric mattress is designed to suit heavier patients that are considered at 'Very High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers. It is requested by the health care community, for patients of high weight who are considered at high risk of contracting pressure ulcers. The mattress provides comfort to the patient whilst offering effective pressure redistribution.

The Softform Bariatric by Invacare has the characteristics of all Invacare mattresses, adding an additional thickness and an increase in the strength of the foam with which it is made. Its cover made of a multi-stretch fabric that prevents friction damage to the skin and prevents moisture damage and added to it a polyurethane base, which gives a much more rigid support to the mattress.

This Softform Bariatric mattress can also be used on all types of profiling beds and is designed to facilitate community and acute healthcare environments.


Key features include:

  • A pressure redistributing mattress for heavier patients. It has a maximum weight resistance of up to 340 kg.
  • Use a weight distribution given to special cuts in the foam. In addition to that, since several patients have difficulty lying straight, it has a cut to fit the mattress to a backrest, which is an advantage for many.
  • The fabric is vapour permeable. This quality allows the skin to breathe and greatly reduces the damage caused by excessive sweat, a very common quality in obese patients.
  • The ‘glide’ design and split section at the backrest section of the mattress enables it to conform effectively with a profiling bed. This significantly the need for unnecessary moving and handling, a difficult task for this group of patients.
  • Multi stretch, breathable, waterproof cover with corner welds, reducing the opportunity for accumulation of dust and liquid residues.
  • The base of the Softform Bariatric is made from a toughened PU coated material which is designed to extend the life of the mattress.