The Invacare Bodypoint Products are specially designed to offer excellent positioning. Correct positioning is essential for athletes, as it helps them compete strongly at a good pace. The correct position could also provide the user with pressure relief.  Sometimes it enables an upright posture that raises someone’s self-esteem. Whatever the reason, positioning has a massive influence on the quality of life for wheelchairs users. Invacare’s Bodypoint Products are excellent for positioning the user and are designed to help people achieve their full potential.

Invacare Bodypoint Products are classified into;

Pelvic Positioning – products in this category include Padded Hip Belts Evoflex, Pelvic Stabilizer, T-Slot, and Fastener Kit.

Upper Body Positioning – products in this category include Stayflex Chest Supports, PivotFit, Shoulder Harnesses, Trimline Shoulder, Harness Monoflex, and Chest Supports.

Lower Body Positioning – products in this category include Ankle Hugger, Support Straps, Calf Panels, and Calf Straps.

All the above products work in different ways to provide fantastic positioning. They provide wheelchair users with postural support and allow users to enjoy a fulfilled lifestyle. Users can opt for the various product based on the level of positioning they are looking to achieve. For instance, the Stayflex Chest Support provides firm trunk control without sacrificing easy shoulder movement. It guarantees optimal balance between stretch and resistance, making it the best choice for long-term stability and performance.

Key features include:

  • Universal Elastic Strap: This allows the user to be in a temporary position for work, play, sports, therapy, or fittings with highly stretchable, sturdy neoprene that won’t damage clothes.
  • PivotFit Shoulder Harness: Provides shoulder positioning to help users sit upright for easier breathing, better head control, and more excellent stability.
  • Trimline Shoulder Harness: Gives users support while allowing freedom across the chest.
  • Ankle Huggers Support Straps: They are available in in pairs. Low-profile ErgoLatch with easy hook-and-loop adjustment for the right fit, every time.
  • Aeromesh Calf Panel: Aeromesh fabric is bonded to a durable stiffener to allow airflow while maintaining shape.
  • Leg Harnesses: Robust lower body support for users who slide out of their chairs or have spasticity.
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