Speed up your life with the NEW Alber E-Pilot


Speed up your life with the NEW Alber E-Pilot

Invacare Introduces the new power add-on from Alber! #GoAnywhere

We are delighted to welcome the latest power add-on from market leader Alber! The E-Pilot hand bike has the power to transform a manual wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps. Have the option of using your manual wheelchair or easily attach the E-Pilot and go further and arrive faster. With its minimal effort and ultimate style, the power add-on is the perfect solution to pursuing and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Enjoy the freedom

Overcome boundaries and enjoy the freedom. The hand bike is designed with a discrete lithium-ion battery pack which gives maximum flexibility with a range of up to 50km! The large front wheel is designed for easy docking and undocking as well as patented swiveling function for obstacles. Perfect for a fun trip to the shops! 


 Make it personal

The E-Pilot has a wide range colours for you to select from! The frame colour is black and the panels on the side frame and fork are white as standard. You can also choose from an extensive range of accessories to personalise the e-pilot to match any individual’s style and preference.


Stay connected!

Thanks to the Mobility Plus Package, the e-pilot allows consumers to reach their destination quickly and efficiently with a range of useful smart features such as the EasyNavi wheelchair-friendly navigation system or the speed extension to 20 km/h. The Mobility App also contains valuable tips and tricks for everyday use of your e-pilot.


For more information on the e-pilot, please click here.