NEW AVIVA RX Power Wheelchair

25 June 2020

NEW AVIVA RX Power Wheelchair

New AVIVA power wheelchairs bring mobility into the 21st century offering an unbeatable drive performance with exceptional handling, comfort and great style!


Introducing the latest innovation in electric power wheelchairs. Invacare’s new AVIVA RX range are unlike any other chairs on the market. Designed with key elements that define performance, these new power chairs combine an innovative method of managing centre of gravity for optimal weight distribution with superior suspension, delivering unbeatable control, exceptional traction and extreme ride comfort.

Commenting at the launch of the AVIVA RX powerchair range, Ricardo Perez Font – EMEA Marketing Vice President said: “Our latest powerchairs set a new benchmark in the market. We’ve tackled the challenge of having a compact, yet powerful, chair that meets the demand of everyday modern life. Our AVIVA RX range has been cleverly designed to offer our best driving experience yet, plus it is highly adjustable, so it’ll work with users, not against them.

Aviva RX 40


Enjoy the freedom of a chair that lets you go anywhere


The AVIVA is a compact chair that can go the distance and take on almost any terrain including cobblestones! Equipped with four wheels, it stays in contact with the ground allowing you a smooth and comfortable drive. The electric wheelchair features CTC Suspension that gives you great control, traction and comfort. The suspension allows you to change between hard and soft. Working like a ball and socket joint, the base can move in any direction.

The chair also features LiNX G-Trac technology that allows you to go exactly where you want to go as it detects and corrects the smallest deviation from your intended path.

The AVIVA RX is designed by expert engineers, the clever design allows for advanced technology with superior performance. Find out more about the product here or contact your regional product specialist here.