Meet Filip, a snowboarder, a father of three, and K-Series user


Meet Filip, a snowboarder, a father of three, and K-Series user

Filip Pockele


The Perfect Match

Filip Pockele, a snowboarder and mountain biker visited Invacare HQ to collect his brand new Küschall K-series wheelchair. Meeting with Head of Manual Mobility and our EMEA Product Trainer Eckhard Francksen who was more than happy to help.

Kuschall K-Series Filip Pockele

Filip believes that ‘People in wheelchairs need people who will take care of their wheelchair and will keep building wheelchairs’

The Küschall K-series is an icon of design. The unique versatile seat module can be effortlessly modified independently from the frame and is fully adjustable to be able to fit you perfectly. Whether you require a more stable position or are more advanced, the K-Series can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

Click here for more information on the K-Series.

Küschall Visualiser

The Küschall K-series 2.0 is available on our interactive and immersive 3D visualiser. Virtually view and design your own wheelchair from the comfort of your own home. Filip used this feature, and this is what he had to say about it:

"I began searching for active wheelchairs. I started looking around, trying out different models, and then I noticed the new K-Series design. It wasn’t even in a showroom yet!  I started using the visualiser, and my younger sons helped me with the colours and decals. WOW, was my reaction to the anthracite grey."

When Filip picked up his new K-Series wheelchair, he was so impressed with the colour! He could not believe how similar it was to the one he had chosen online.

Check out our visualiser here and have some fun!