Linx Control System Product Review


Linx Control System Product Review

LiNX is our insight inspired control system with advanced technology that provides a superb driving experience and allows professionals to configure and tailor powerchairs quickly and more intuitively.
Invacare LiNX Control System

For the past three years, Invacare's LiNX control system has been redefining mobility with its touch screen controls and enhanced driving experience. It's now well-established as the control system for Invacare powerchairs, but how good is it? We asked our technical trainer, Nic Damjanovic who's worked with LiNX since the launch and provides comprehensive training sessions to our customers, to give his verdict.

"Since its launch in July 2016, LiNX has evolved into one of the power houses of power chair control systems on the market. When I joined Invacare in November 2016, my given objective was to become the expert on LiNX.Invacare LiNX Control System

I realised quite quickly the benefits this control system could provide, from drive only to operating an iPad or PC (even Alexa) through the REM400 & 500, LiNX can do it all!
One of the main advantages with LiNX is the future proofing element.  It is very much a 21st century control system and the possibilities of what this system can achieve is almost endless.

In my opinion the latest round of software and firmware updates has taken LiNX to another level in what it can achieve and ultimately offer in a solution for our customers. From Conditional I/O to joystick shaping, the possibilities are practically endless.

Having grown up with LiNX during my time at Invacare, I can honestly say I am super passionate about this product. My main focus is training and one of the most enjoyable elements of helping people understand LiNX is seeing the reaction of technicians, clinicians and mobility advisors when they realise how powerful the system is – its priceless." 

Nic’s technical training sessions can be found here

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