The Invacare set up guide to tilt-in space wheelchairs

DID YOU KNOW the Rea Dahlia has a number of features specifically designed with the user and carer/attendant in mind?

Invacare® Rea® family have an incredible 50 plus years of experience and expertise in providing wheelchair solutions. Specialists in tilt-in-space chairs, the Rea range is renowned for its superb design, innovative technology and high quality, enabling them to produce stable and safe pressure redistributing passive chairs. Patients who use a passive/tilt-in-space wheelchair are heavily dependent on their wheelchair and require a great deal of assistance from attendants. An average person will spend the majority of their day in the chair and so a tilt and recline function is key to redistribute pressure. Going in and out of tilt and recline could however, result in shear and friction forces and put the person at risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Benefits of the Rea Dahlia wheelchair

• Small overall width: Rear wheels are closer to the body of the user which increases comfort and enables the Dahlia to be easily propelled. Also allows chair to easily pass through doorways.

• Easy to manoeuvre: Can be easily propelled with minimum effort as the rear wheels can be moved forward and closer to the arm of the user.

• Seat height adjustment: Can be adjusted from 325 to 505 mm, to meet user requirements. Low seat to floor height gives the user the possibility to foot propel.

• Lightweight tilt ability: Carer is able to tilt easily with minimum effort. The Dahlia 45 includes a push up spring making it easier for the chair to come up from a tilted position. Dahlia 30 offers self-tilt as an option. A power tilt and recline option is also available.

 45° tilt angle: If the user is unable to use the recline to weight shift, the option to have the chair tilted to 45° is available on the Dahlia 45.

The Rea Dahlia allows the user to be more active, either directly themselves or with a carer and still have a tilt in space chair that offers full weight shifting abilities. With the added Dual Stability System (DSS®), the Dahlia has the wellbeing and safety of the user in mind. For more information on the Rea Dahlia, please visit our microsite.

The Rea Dahlia and Rea Azalea are HSE tender awarded wheelchairs. Click here for more information. If you are interested in this product and would like to book an assessment, please contact your regional product specialist. Click here for contact details.

The below video is a short guide on how to set up a wheelchair, based on the Invacare Rea Dahlia 45. We hope you find this helpful!