Invacare launches new ergonomic ISA Stand Assist Lifter

Optimised design for comfortable transfers.

Invacare is happy to announce the launch of the innovative new ergonomic stand assist lifter. With the patient and carer giver in mind, the ISA is designed to offer the best lifting experience possible. The Invacare ISA offers a natural pattern of movement by supporting active transfers for the elderly and disabled people and aids those who are unable to raise themselves into a standing position while unassisted. The ISA has a safe working load (SWL) of 160kg.

Key benefits include:

• Extendable lifting arm: To aid a range of client’s heights, the ‘TelescoLift’ can be adjusted to nine different lengths. Providing maximum flexibility.

• Adjustable lower leg support: The padded leg cushion is designed to offer six height positions with a swivel ‘Ergo Support’. This offers optimum support for the patient and relieves and protects those who suffer with vulnerable knees.

• Ergonomic hand grips: Hand grips are shaped with a curved angle providing a natural and comfortable position for the user.

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