Invacare introduces new and exciting power add-on SMOOV one

SMOOV one. Be Fly.

SMOOV one is the latest stylish and discrete addition to our Alber family of power assist products. The unit will mount effortlessly to the rear of a manually self-propelled chair, providing excellent power assistance. This efficient, high-performance drive unit can reach a top speed of 10km/h and has a travel distance of 20km. Easy to transport, the SMOOV one is light enough for daily use yet robust with high quality materials and weighs just 7.2kg. 

The drive unit is equipped with intuitive controls allowing you to set the speed you want, stop at any time and also manage your battery levels. Bluetooth technology also allows you to simply connect to the drive control.

The SMOOV one is designed and manufactured by Alber’s talented team. With a mission to develop the best electric drive for active wheelchair people. For more information on the SMOOV one power assist, click here.

FUN FACT: The product name evolved from “Smart Moving”