How to clean a mattress in 4 simple steps

The following processes is recommended, but should be adapted to comply with local institution protocols. If you are uncertain, you should seek advice from your local Infection Control Specialist.
       Step 1 Clean mattress cover with a 1,000ppm approved cleaning agent using a single use cloth to remove bodily fluids.
Step 2 Use a single use clean cloth with appropriate detergent and disinfectant solution following manufacturers guidelines.
Step 3 Rinse with clean water using a clean cloth or follow manufacturers guidelines for air drying.
Step 4 Dry thoroughly before re-use.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do not use abrasive sponges and cleaners.
  • Do use 1000ppm of approved chemical agent when cleaning a mattress.
  • Do use 10,000 ppm of approved chemical agent where there is a spillage of bodily fluid, faeces, sputum etc.
Please note frequent or prolonged exposure to higher concentration disinfectant solutions may prematurely age the fabric cover of mattresses.

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