Li'l Excelerator

If you want a great way to exercise, cross-train or just have fun, one of the Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ Series Handcycles is just what you need. This upright and extremely maneuverable three-wheel handcycle is capable of speeds up to 15 mph. The smooth seven-speed Shimano® hub with its reversing drum brake delivers hands-on braking and allows the rider to tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The oval tube carbon steel frame construction with adjustable sliding seat makes transfers in and out easier too. The Excelerator Handcycle is stocked in three seat widths:16", 18" or 20" wide, plus you can order the popular mountain drive option which adds 7 extra low gears for climbing hills. No more long lead times so…Get Cranking!The Top End Li’l Excelerator handcycle is designed for children and has 20” cruiser wheels and tires.

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