Invacare Microsites

Invacare Microsites

Visit our range of dedicated microsites designed to offer support to Occupational Therapists, Dealers and Prescribers! 


Our user-friendly microsites offer premium images, product videos and documentations. Many of our microsites even have an online configurator. This means you can design your own product by yourself or with your local Invacare dealer. It provides you with relevant information such as the total of weight of your wheelchair, as well as a detailed description of your options. It also gives you the choice to select your own colour! The configurator is a fun tool that will give you a better understanding of how your product will look and it will make the buying process that little bit easier. 

Why not check it out and see your product come to life!

Click on the relevant link below to view the microsite. Be sure to bookmark your favourite site!

Kuschall 2.0

Our new Küschall 2.0 website is packed with immersive 3D visualisers, premium images, and product videos. Our fantastic new visualiser tool allows you to design and personalise your own Küschall wheelchair. It provides you with useful information such as total weight of your chair and detailed descriptions of all options. Why not check it out and see your wheelchair come to life!

Invacare REST

At Invacare, our aim is to support care givers and clients by providing a client led solutions range. This useful online platform allows us to share with you our knowledge and innovative solutions, and help you find the best bed and mattress to meet the needs of both you and the individual.

Invacare DOCS - Just one click away

This online portal is designed for you to easily find all vital documentation for all our products. In just a few clicks you can quickly view, download and send user manuals, service manuals, spare parts files and all tests and certificates for each Invacare device.

SMOOV One Power Add-on

This microsite give you a in-depth look at our popular SMOOV One power add-on.

Invacare Mobility Scooter & 3D Visualiser!

Take a closer look at our stylish range of electric scooters designed to offer user independence. While your there, personalise your scooter with our brand-new 3D Scooter Visualiser!

The REA Family

Our REA microsite showcases innovative tilt-in-space wheelchairs with individual adjustability and accessories to suit a range of needs.

LiNX Power Wheelchair Controls

Our insight inspired control system has advanced technology to provide a superb driving experience for users and allow professionals to configure and tailor powerchairs quickly and more intuitively.

TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx Powerchair and LiNX Controls

The Invacare TDX SP2 with Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX revolutionises power mobility in the complex rehab area, making this the ideal powerchair if you need full functionality tailored to you but don’t want to compromise on style.

Control Selector for Power Wheelchairs

When it comes to choosing a control interface, the options available on the market are vast. It's the job of the professional to match the appropriate control interface to the motor and cognitive abilities of the user, considering the size and activation method of the control interface itself and which control will match most effectively with the functional capabilities of the individual.

Action 5 Manual Wheelchair

The Invacare Action5 has been designed for the more active user looking for an affordable chair with a great driving performance. With its tried and trusted design, the Action5 range can cater for several needs and requirements due to its superb level of on chair adjustability and its vast configurability options.

Home Oxygen Therapy

The Invacare respiratory products are ideal for patients who require long-term oxygen therapy due to a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. They help patients to breathe and provide freedom, independence and confidence to users allowing them to get on with their lives.