The Big Challenge?

Tell us what you consider your biggest challenge in Tissue Viability today?

tissue viability challenges

Despite investments and advances in prevention and wound management, occurrences of pressure ulcers are on the raise. Sadly this has also resulted in the raise of deaths directly related to pressure sores. We have asked an open ended question in the UK regarding the major obstacles facing front line staff. After combining all responses (109) the results could be categorised in to seven explanations. Do the same hurdles apply in Ireland? If you have a spare couple of minutes we would really appreciate if you could rate each of the following concerns in terms of the impact on tissue viability care. We promise it won't take you more than two minutes.

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Each respondent will be entered into a draw to win a paid delegate trip, including tickets, flights and accommodation to Wounds UK 2016.

The Wounds UK Annual Conference will be held in November again this year at the Harrogate International Centre, UK. The event which takes place form 14-16th hosts thirty nine speakers and contributors who are top of their fields, including Ireland’s own Zena Moore. The three days are pack with presentations and talks on a wide variety of topics from self-inflicted wounds and mental health to wound management in diabetic foot ulcer. The symposium itself is revered for being highly educational with delegates attending from across Europe to update their skills and keep abreast of latest innovations and best practices.

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