NEW Pressure Care Brochure

New Brochure – Request your copy today!

Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Pressure Care Ireland Brochure

We’ve just launched our new Pressure Care Brochure, a comprehensive catalogue of our entire range of products available in Ireland and developed to reduce the incidences of pressure ulcers.

Acutely aware of both the financial and human cost of pressure ulcers in Ireland and Globally, Invacare have invested heavily in developing innovative products to a help eliminate this problem in hospitals, nursing homes and in the community.

For the first time, we’ve curated our range in a dedicated Pressure Area Care Range catalogue. Defining the risk level of each pressure prevention mattress it makes choosing the right one for you, a patient or a family member simple. The brochure also includes our very popular range of accessories, addressing all areas prone to pressure sores while a person is bed ridden, including our best seller the Maxxcare®
Pro heel boot.

We have also included a clinical guide to pressure sores at the back of the brochure for those that are just learning about pressure care and the risks of pressure ulcers.

You can download the complete catalogue below or call the office today and we can send one to you.

Call us on 01 810 7084.

PDF iconInvacare Pressure Area Care Range.pdf
PDF iconQuick guide to preventing pressure ulcers for clinicians.pdf
PDF iconGuidelines Poster.pdf

Our pressure care and pressure ulcer prevention range includes:
  • Standard comfort medical mattress
  • Basic entry level low risk pressure healthcare mattress
  • Top level high risk pressure care foam mattress
  • Dynamic air and foam alternating high risk pressure preventing clinical mattress
  • Bariatric pressure care mattress for obesity clinic or obese individuals
  • Spinal mattress for back injury pain with very high risk pressure care
  • Trolley mattress with high/very high risk pressure care for hospital trollies
  • Range of pressure care overlays, mattress alternative for all levels of pressure care
  • Renal Overlay for use with adjustable chair in dialysis wards
  • Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot – air cushion for heels at very high risk of pressure ulcer
  • Heel pads for pressure redistribution and prevention
  • Odstock Wedge for positioning and pressure redistribution
  • Leg Trough for leg support and heel suspension, relieving pressure on the heel
  • Flexipads for short term positioning and pressure redistribution

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